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Meet Sue

A little about me

Art is my passion and my friend.  It keeps me grounded and peaceful.  Wherever I go and whatever I do, I am never alone.  The ideas come in torrents or trickles - but they come if I am open to them.  It is like listening to a beautiful piece of music - it touches me and takes me to a very joyful place.

I love working with raw, honest, natural materials including recycled woods, especially Ash and Southern Yellow Pine and recycled paper and magazines.  I use natural dyes whenever I can, such as blueberries to turmeric, coffee and chilli oil.

The loves of my life are my four children, my friends, business, and being creative. I love to think differently and have a go.  I sailed the Atlantic, with my two small children when I was thirty and this spirit has stayed with me.  I love the challenge of a new Art project or creating a new business.

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